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​Fees for services are determined in an initial complimentary consultation with the client. We listen carefully to the client to determine the tasks at hand, the services called for, and the duration of the project. Then we work out a flat fee based on such factors as:

• the scope of services needed for the project

• the length of time required for their completion

• the project's degree of complexity

Retainer fees can be charged for long-term client or project commitments.

Pricing & Policies

The Project Contract Process

A free consultation is arranged to gather preliminary information on your project.
A contract that outlines the project and includes information about the time frame, estimated cost and payment terms — including the up-front deposit, 30% of the project fee — is drawn up.

Once our contract is signed and we receive your deposit, we will begin the work.
The balance is due upon the project's completion.

Pricing Policy

The project cost is set by estimating the number of hours required to complete it. These hours are determined by discussing the project details with you, setting up a timeline for the project's completion, and making an educated guess about how long it will take.

The estimated total hours multiplied by the agreed-upon hourly fee determines the final project fee. Although the project may take more or fewer hours than estimated to complete, our flat-fee policy assures you none of the hidden costs, ancillary fees or unforeseen expense reimbursements that can jolt a client with sticker-shock when the final invoice is submitted.

Our invoice reflects our initial fee. No sticker-shock or hidden costs — guaranteed.​​

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